Day 3: animation, levels & final script

Walk animation done!
I spent about +2hrs separating the character parts, adding a wand, adding new bones for items to the armature & tweaking for a little more flexibility, and finishing up the walk animation.
Now we need a run, cry, use wand, and idle animation which might take another +2hr.

I also still need to model an older witch and give her a walk animation. But first I'll finish up some important animations for Tali, then model some environment elements so we can start getting some things in the game engine.

I learned more animation stuff today
When making a walk cycle this time, I learned how to 'smooth' out animation curves by adding bezier handles & adjusting. In Blender, while in the Graph editor F-curves window, just select the node(s) you want to edit, than press T, then select "Bezier":

And a quick Blender tip:
If you want to loop an animation and have the last frame not 'jump' or 'freeze' or repeat itself, select all of your key frames and hit SHIFT+E then make all of your curves 'Cyclic'. You can undo this setting with the same shortcut.

All the levels are planned now
We took a little time today to plan the different levels (+1.5hr) while waiting at a restaurant for dinner and while waiting at the theater for a movie to start. These are the last few sketches:

All 13½ cats have hiding places now!

Final story
We also narrowed down the beginning of the story ( how we will introduce the characters and the problem ) and also the ending. That includes the dialogues to go with it. Pouley is having a good time writing dialogues for lost cats!

Recycling cats!
We also decided it's best to recycle the model and animations from the cat that we made for a previous project "Office Cat". That will save tons of time!

Well, that conclude this update!

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