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Our shop is open!
Hey everyone! We've just opened our humble little shop, and... You can get your own Thirteen & Half Cats enamel pin from our website:
Thirteen & Half Cats on iOS! And other updates...
Hi everybody! We have several bits of news this time. iOS Release First of all, we've just published Thirteen & Half Cats on the App Store, so now it's availabl...
Touring GDC with Thirteen & Half Cats!
Haha, what a devlog title… Hey guys, we went to our first GDC as Nekomatata Games this week! We were gifted passes after submitting our game to the the Unity...
Award: IMGA Nominee - come vote!
Hey everyone! We’re proud to announce that Thirteen & Half Cats has been selected as a nominee for the International Mobile Gaming Awards ! This is a huge ben...
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Day 4: more modeling & white box progress
Summary We had a busy day today so we didn't get to work on the game much ( ~2hr ). But progress is progress! I modeled a hiding place Pouley did more work on t...
Day 3: anti-crunch & new daily routine
I'm a workaholic but 'crunch' isn't sustainable We both work hard and we've gotten used to working painfully hard after spending years in the games / technology...
Day 3: animation, levels & final script
Walk animation done! I spent about +2hrs separating the character parts, adding a wand, adding new bones for items to the armature & tweaking for a little more...
Day 2: 3D character modeling
Here's what I've modeled today. I'll be adding more process shots as I make progress: She has proportions that reflect her approximate age, a hat, and a name no...